[Jandek] Don't forget Open Mic Jandek Cover Night, next Saturday (11/5)

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Sat Oct 29 09:45:59 PDT 2005

i should add that this is the THRID ANNUAL pgh jandek night open mic.

>From: Maurice Rickard <maurice at mac.com>
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>Subject: [Jandek] Don't forget Open Mic Jandek Cover Night,next Saturday 
>Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:42:58 -0400
>Open Mic Jandek Cover Night at Kiva Han, Forbes & Meyran, 11/05/2005, 8PM
>Any Jandek fans near Pittsburgh are encouraged to start polishing up
>one to three songs for the third annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night.
>Anyone can show up and play, but you have to cover a Jandek tune.
>Let's face it--there's enough in the oeuvre that you can surely cover
>When: Jandek Day (Saturday, 11/5/05), 8PM-whenever
>Where: Kiva Han coffee house, at Forbes and Meyran (the other Kiva
>Han, down in the South Oakland business corridor), Pittsburgh, PA.
>Who: mainly you, I hope, though I'll be doing some covers myself.
>How much: Free, but buy something to show your support for this fine
>independent business.
>There'll be a small PA (two small amps, but it's all we need), and
>I'll have microphones and a place to plug in an instrument. The space
>is way too small to accommodate a full band, so solo acts are best,
>though in a pinch we can handle a duo. I'll record the whole evening,
>and later we can get you CDs. I'll also have a Web browser open to
>Seth Tisue's fine Jandek site's lyrics page, so you don't have to
>worry about memorizing. So come on by and do a tune or two in tribute
>to Houston's International Man of Mystery.
>Kiva Han, 3533 Forbes Avenue (Forbes & Meyran), Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
>8PM. All ages, FREE. Anyone can come and perform, but you have to
>cover a Jandek tune. Map here:
>Maurice Rickard
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