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Don't be so naive, or perhaps foolish... Do you plan on purchasing every
live set he releases?
In this day in age it's going to happen, All of his past Glasgow sets
are availanble if you look around.

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	This show is coming out on disc officially. For $8. I really
hope whoever illegally recorded this performance thinks twice about
Corwood's clear indication that they did not want  anything recorded
(much less distributed) - other than by the professionals hired to do
so.  Taking the vision of the artist's presentation of this performance
out of their hands and shitting it out at your whim on the net is very
insulting, in my opinion.  It also might jeopardize the possibility of
future Jandek live shows. 

	On Oct 25, 2005, at 7:11 PM, Mr. Fang wrote:

		One of the audience recordings of the Austin performance
will be shared soon, though I'm hoping it will make the rounds in
lossless format (.flac) for a while before some jackass decides it needs
to be compressed to mp3 for Soulseek.  I will post to the list when it's
		On 10/24/05, Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com>

			Interesting to note that nearly all the recent
Jandek live gigs have
			been recorded. Some I would imagine are
'official', but are there any 
			'unofficial' recording that will be doing the
round on SoulSeek soon?
			I"m really hanging to hear more than the
Instal04 and Gateshaed 05
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