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>>>>> "rangoon" == rangoon  <rangoon at ntlworld.com> writes:

 rangoon> this vulnerability was counterbalanced by how confident the
 rangoon> performance was; watching his fingers was quite disturbing, as
 rangoon> his right hand moved across the guitar in an unconventional,
 rangoon> but nonetheless very assured way - no hesitancy whatsoever,
 rangoon> either instrumentally or vocally. I wouldn't go so far as to
 rangoon> say his playing was 'lovely', but parts of it were really
 rangoon> affecting, and unlike any recent album (in part because it was
 rangoon> acoustic), being much closer to songs off Twelfth Apostle and
 rangoon> Graven Image (at least to my ears) - and on a guitar in
 rangoon> standard tuning too.

This is exactly how I would describe the new disc, Khartoum.  The guitar
playing and sound definitely harks back to the albums you name (and Glad
to Get Away, the third in that style and a personal favorite of
mine)... although it's definitely an updated version that's bolder and
more forceful and has some of the denser, harsher, janglier sound of the
post-spoken-word guitar albums.  To my ears, the playing combines the
best aspects of the recent guitar albums and the ones from ten years
ago.  I've already said about the Austin and Brooklyn shows that
Jandek's guitar playing is a really at a peak right now; you can
definitely hear it on this new disc.

 >> Solo acoustic Jandek gig - those lucky London kids.

 rangoon> I was very glad to be there - I'm sure recordings will turn up
 rangoon> as well.

No London yet, but an audience recording from Instal (both Friday and
Sunday) has turned up recently on Soulseek.

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