[Jandek] Khartoum (Corwood 0781)

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cover depicts a man who's gouged his eyes out to get closer to the
spirit world: <http://tisue.net/jandek/images/covers/0781.jpg>

song titles:
1. You Wanted to Leave (6:36)
2. Fragmentation (5:53)
3. I Shot Myself (4:44)
4. New Dimension (5:16)
5. Khartoum (9:43)
6. In a Chair I Stare (5:50)
7. Move from the Mountain (7:55)
8. Fork in the Road (5:40)

"New Dimension" begins, "You're married, I presume?"  In another, Jandek
confesses "I don't know what to do except sit in a chair."

As for Khartoum itself, you can read up on it at
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khartoum>.  It's the capital of Sudan, so
the government complicit in, if not outright responsible for, the
genocide in Darfur is headquartered there.  It's also the location of
the pharmaceutical factory Clinton ordered bombed in 1998 for allegedly
supplying Osama bin Laden with ingredients for chemical weapons.

Here's some lines from the first song, taken out of context:

I wanted to go to the spirit world
But you were large, large, large, large
Now you're all powder
Gone up in smoke
Gone down in thunder
You're part of my dream

The second song begins as a disquisition on "the form of a corporation"
and ends "I'm as a resolute as a robot / I'm a long blank stare / I tear
myself to pieces."

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