[Jandek] my jandek orgy....

Jumbalaya Negro couchsong at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 24 22:37:51 PDT 2005

I have just completed a harrowing binge... I captured all of my discs to my 
computer and created a playlist in chronological order of all of Jandek's 
releases that I own.  Currently the only albums I don't have are Khartoum 
(obviously) and Interstellar Discussion.  I even tagged the two summersteps 
tribute albums onto the end of the list..... anyway to make a long story 

I stayed in my bands basement recording studio with no food and no bathroom 
breaks... to see if i could make it all the way through the catalog... did i 
mention no sleep also... i had water and all i did was organize my 
belongings and clean the studio up spic and span.... this was amazing... by 
the end of it all I felt like I could tear off my arm with a crowbar and not 
give two shits if I bled to death... I was almost vomitous around "Glad to 
get away" but stuck with it...

I do not think anyone should try this however... I had done it once before 
with the beatles catalog which actually left me kinda dizzy.

My friends are used to me doing things like this for fun.... someone told me 
that I should do the same with the couple of hundred Merzbow albums... it is 
sounding more and more like a bad idea

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