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Sun Oct 23 13:56:31 PDT 2005

I was one of the many to witness the fantastic jandek performance on friday the 14th october.
I arrived at the arches just as jandek,richard youngs and alex nielson hit the stage. Okay,okay,i was running late after trying to get my head round glsgow city centrals traffic.
Mr smith and co were exceptional.As i watched jandek i found my mind expierienced extremley mixed feelings. At times i thought he was fantastic, sometimes not so fantastic,utterly mesmerising and sometimes just plain confusing.
It was also great to meet up with comitted jandek fan Paul condon.And to also talk to alex nielson,whom i found to be an extremley polite guy (as well as a shit hot drummer!)
One other highlight other than jandeks performance and the other three brilliant acts who performed, was touching and strumming jandeks guitar(albeit with my finger tips).
After jandeks performance everyone switched to another room to watch japanese artist "jojo" run through his set.
As i broke off to get to the bar i notced jandek had left his guitar just lying on the stage floor which he had previously occupied.
I give the strings a quick strum and noticed the guitar was NOT fretless, contrary to reports.
It felt very odd to have his guitar just THERE in front of me!
Anyway.all in all it was a great night.
I am already looking forward to next year!!!
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