[Jandek] loren connors.

raymond jow raymond_jow at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 21 06:11:53 PDT 2005

hello to the jandek list.  it seems that after the instal show, there may be 
some interest in the work of loren connors (he no longer uses the name 
'mazzacane' any longer).  if list members recall, we (masumi raymond) did a 
small collaboration of sorts featuring the photographs of corwood, putting 
out two limited edition works, and had its official premiere the night of 
the anthology show in new york.  (for those still interested in those 
projects, you can check the 'corwood industries' section of our website, 
www.masumiraymond.com).  we would also like to say our belated thanks for 
those who were so kind to enquire into the projects and also those who 
acquired some.  anyway, we have also been fortunate enough to work (and 
continue to work) with loren connors on many occasions, producing with him a 
series of artist's books, video, silkscreen drawing and other limited 
edition projects.  this can also be viewed on www.lorenconnors.com, which 
links to our site's 'loren connors' section.  additional information on 
loren can be found via the family vineyard record site, and the defunct road 
cone label as well.  all the best to the jandek list members, and of course 
to corwood.

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