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Jim Reed jim.r at connectsavannah.com
Sun Oct 16 12:48:50 PDT 2005

The MySpace.com/corwood site is CLEARLY a piss-take. However, what's worth
noting (and which I have not seen mentioned here) is that there is another
site (MySpace.com/jandek) which was launched in mid-September that is NOT
clearly a piss-take.

It seems extremely likely that this site too was started by someone as a
trbute of sorts to the man, but I have to say that whomever did this (S.R.S
or anyone else without any official affiliation) seems to have a much better
grasp on A) what his image/repertoire is actually about, and B) what sort of
discourse the faithful would deem in keeping with Jandek's "public" persona.

Whomever has instigated this site seems to at least want to represent the
man and his work in a respectful way - albeit one that may be lacking

Then again, maybe it really IS him. After all, there's not much difference
in the content of this page than any of his official correspondence, with
the exception of a couple of brief reflections on his own work - which to me
don't sound too far off from his lyrical sensibility.

I don't see that much difference between him confronting his growing
notoriety by creating this page (and rarely, if ever) updating it and the
placing of vague ads and the sending of cryptic notes.

This account was set up as a "Music Site" which is distinctly different from
the "Personal Page" format that the "Corwood" space employs. It'd worth
noting that it is against the rules of MySpace for anyone who is not
actually the rightful copyright owner to post any music or photos. If anyone
out there cares enough to alert MySpace to the idea that these sites were
put up without the consent of Jandek or Corwood, I'm sure they'll look into
it and if they determine they are not authorized, they'll delete them. One
might also ask them to reply with a yes or a no as to whether or not the
MySpace.com/jandek site proves to be completely legit.

For what it's worth, two of my musical projects have sites on MySpace as
well. If anyone is interested or just curious (neither are similar to
Jandek' at all), they can be found at " MySpace.com/superhorse (my current
group who just released our debut LP) and MySpace.com/cityoflindas (an older
band of mine which is reuniting in April after 12 years apart).

For those not up for looking at the purported Jandek site on MySpace, along
with streaming MP3s of "Nancy Sings," "Pending Doom," "Moving Slow," and
"They Told Me I Was A Fool," there are also several pictures of LP covers
and one recent live shot, along with the following fill-in-the-blanks
"Artist Profile":

Band Members     people come. people go. It is the way of life.
Influences     a wise man once whispered into my ear "fortune to have is
having fortune" and that to this day has echoed in my head on a daily basis.
He is my influence.
Sounds Like     I think my sound is very personal and internal. I don't
think i really sound like anyone in particular.
Record Label     Corwood Industries

- Jim

Jim Reed
Tiny Pin Revolutionary

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