[Jandek] I'll Sit Alone and Think a Lot About You

leo fabriek leo at barakken.nl
Thu Oct 13 11:02:56 PDT 2005

This has probably been discussed before, but i just want to make sure:

'I'll sit alone and think a lot about you' (on the way, C0755) contains 
the same riff that has made 'Upon the grandeur' (one foot in the north, 
C0758) so famous. A very early (i think) version of it, can be heard on 
'Pastimes' (somebody in the snow, C0757).
It's not too easy to be heard on 'upon the grandeur', because of the 
louder solo-theme played on top of it, but it is unmistakenly the case. 
Can we conclude that it's Eddy singing on 'I'll sit alone...'?

Anyway, discuss.


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