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Wed Oct 12 22:02:16 PDT 2005

Hello, new member here.  Just got into Jandek recently after reading "Songs in the Key of Z."  The Jandek chapter was utterly fascinating and I had to track some of his stuff down.  I "took the plunge" and ordered a box of CDs a few weeks ago.  Wrote about it on my Myspace page.  The recent talk here about Jandek on Myspace (...when hell freezes over?...) prompted me to post my first message here.  (my page, if interested in reading about my Jandek plunge: http://www.myspace.com/indecision_time).
The first two Jandek albums I heard were "Lost Cause" and "On the Way."  I managed to sit thru "The Electric End."  It left me flabbergasted and a bit agitated.  I haven't been able to get a handle on the Man's more difficult material, but I think his more traditional-sounding ideas are great.  The honesty of it all hooked me.  
I have a couple questions for long-time fans:  (1) What is your favorite Jandek album and why, and (2) What do you think is Jandek's most accessible album?  The 2 aforementioned albums are still way up on my favorite list.  I actually think that Side A of Lost Cause and Side B of On the Way would make a killer Jandek record.  Of the CDs I received, I'm really liking You Walk Alone.  It's challenging, but pretty easy on the ears.  Raining Down Diamonds and the Glasgow set both sound really alien.  Jandek's not selling out anytime soon!

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