[Jandek] richard youngs/banjo music

No Help Forthcoming nil_shok at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 10:05:40 PDT 2005

whoever mentioned the r. youngs "naive shaman" disc so
favorably on this list, thank you. just got it and
have been playing it constantly for days. really
trance inducing, but very un-jandeky. or, possibly
what jandek would sound like playing bootsy's space
bass-- just throbbing and swirling and semi-linear.

recently finished a book on appalachian banjo music
("african banjo echoes in appalachia")-- really
amazing how many unique tunings are used on the banjo
to create a number of moods. there are some really
atonal songs floating around in the pre-bluegrass
banjo tradition, which seem to bear some kinship to
our guy-- mainly in the convergence/divergence of
voice and instrument, the fragmented lyrics, and the
single string melodies (although they are much faster,
obviously). i wonder if jandek has any roscoe holcomb
or buell kazee records in his collection.


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