[Jandek] Are Jandek's product quality stds dropping, or is he just becoming 'commerical'!!

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 02:33:44 PDT 2005

Just to add to my posts about 'remastering' and what-not. Personally I'm
anal and *like* the inherent shittiness or lo-finess or 'otherworldliness'
of the sound, but hey, he's the artists and he can do whatever he wants. And
if he's using ProTools to make a still totally damaged and gnarled sound,
well thats just as good as if he used a tape recorder or 4-track or whatever
- his stuff is still pure and authentic and totally offensive to about
99.97% of ears in the universe.

HOWEVER, since I got the 'boxset' I've noticed the pacakging has become
cheaper and shittier - not that it was ever so shmicko to begin with, and
hey, the guy pays for it all himself and it's not like he's Eisturzende
Neubaten or Sonic Youth with their 'boutique' releases and large cult

It seems all the discs are pressed in a new plant (compared to the Candian
plant that did the early/mid-90s CD release)s on the cheapest crappiest
plastic cases with the cheapest most non-descript font CD disc artwork and
the info card is flimy as. Sure the bloke isn't mainstream, has a very small
and obscuranist fanbase, but I have a feeling he's doing alot better that
the 12 LPs or CD's and hundreds of giveaways he useta do. Heck, he's even
going into SECOND prints these days! More power to him I say, since every
neo-folk/blues/country/acidfolk/Arthur endorsed lo-fi 'indie' band since
1990 have made careers that have helped them tour the world, by houses and
fucked Calvin Kilne models as a result of the man's groundbreaking, ouvre!
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