[Jandek] Connors interview & Jandek tribute

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Wed Nov 30 10:26:28 PST 2005

Perfect Sound Forever has a new Jandek tribute online:


Most significantly, it includes a new interview with Loren Connors about
playing with Jandek.  While it's not very long, Connors still says much
more than any of Jandek's other collaborators have gone on record with.

Aaron Goldberg reviews every Jandek album (except Khartoum) on a scale

And there are two show reviews, one Austin, one Brooklyn.  Nothing
particularly new in either of them.  Re: the Brooklyn review, I sent the
editor the following:

  The NYC live review is unworthy of your publication.  If this feature
  is a Jandek "tribute", then why is one of its major sections an
  ignorant, immature, and cruel live review, which is neither amusing,
  nor interesting, nor insightful, nor original, nor well written?

  Would you do that to another artist featured in your magazine
  and then call it a "tribute"?  Perhaps you should call the
  feature something else.  I suggest "Open Season on Jandek",
  or maybe "Jandek: The Small-Minded Weigh In".

  I'm being "snarky".  I hear it's the in thing.  How am I doing?

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