[Jandek] Corwood label Doppelganger

chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Wed Nov 30 06:12:15 PST 2005

>  Does anyone else think this record label looks familiar?
>  http://www.earlham.edu/~hennja/hildalabel.htm
>  May be just a coincidence, but I wonder if this album was pressed at the
>Houston plant and perhaps this is the default template for their labels.
>Maybe it's a generic label layout for gospel records that Jandek nicked
>(see Tisue.net's notes on the Jandek-Christian connection). Or maybe
>Crusade Enterprises of Flora, Illinois, is a subsidiary of Corwood
>Industries and Hilda V. Clarke is the lone artist on its roster.
>  I like how most of the titles written in that font in silver on navy look
>like they could easily be Ready for the House outtakes.

not only that, but "hilda sings"?  taking a page from nancy (or vice versa)!


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