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Ludo Maas multi-panel at unschooled.com
Thu Nov 24 05:00:20 PST 2005

Just a small idea about the site's design. Could've sent this to Seth directly I guess.. Anyway.
I think the "concerts" part of the site is quite chaotic right now.
I'd like to suggest having little boxes with information for every concerto our man has played.
So one could see in a few glances what the concert was about.
Information that could be in this box. (or table.. whatever)
*instrument(s) Jandek played (including vocals yes/no)
*names and instruments of the other musicians (maybe clickable names)
*released on cd as..

that would be enough i guess. :)
then one would see in one glance, aha this was in Glasgow, Jandek played electric guitar and sang.. Collaborators were ... and played.. released on cd as Glasgow Sunday (including a link to the album page)

cheers. :)
l.g.maas at uvt.nl
ordinarypeoplerecs at hotmail.com
(if for some reason replying to this e-mail isn't working, or you like being different)
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