[Jandek] what is the status of his health?

Markus Metsälä markus.metsala at helsinki.fi
Tue Nov 22 01:18:00 PST 2005

Quoting Gregory Stanton <gregory.stanton at sbcglobal.net>:

> I can't believe you guys are discussing a morbid rumor
> as if it is fact. Some people are just skinny. If you
> want to fatten Mr. Smith up, send him some cookies.

I agree. I actually wish I hadn't mentioned any of this at all. Rumours can
be fun but this one is not and it would perhaps be better not to speculate
on other peoples health.

Much more important is the fact that he seems to be quite interested in how
people perceive his live shows. Even though he gives the impression of only
playing for himself. A person who talked quite a bit with him on Sunday says
that he had interpreted the audience chatter during the concert (which
started to be annoying towards the end) to mean that people don't like the
music. Apparently he even considered not playing live anymore. When he was
told that many people had enjoyed the concert and that there had been a lot
of discussion after the show about the music he had seemed relieved and happy.

So I would urge people to let him know how much they like the live
performances, whether in person if possible or by writing to Corwood. I
think we all want him to continue playing live.


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