[Jandek] what is the status of his health?

Draw draw_silence at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 21 14:02:10 PST 2005

I find this really upsetting i have just got into
Jandek in the past six months and my first 28 Cd's
arrived about a month ago. He has had quiet the impact
to my musical tastes and my life.

i guess i know the answers to these questions anyway

1. Is there anyway to confirm this news? and validate
its authenticity?


--- Markus Metsälä <markus.metsala at helsinki.fi> wrote:

> Quoting Yvonne <yvonnesemail at yahoo.com>:
> > What are the rumors about Jandek's health?  He
> looks so thin and
> > emaciated.  Has he always looked like this?
> I feel quite morbid talking about this but I heard
> that he has cancer and
> this was the reason he started performing live.
> Supposedly this info comes
> from one of the musicians he has played with. I
> can't know for sure if this
> is true or not.
> He certainly doesn't look too well and seems to wear
> his hat at all times.
> But I hope I'm wrong about all this.
> Markus
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