[Jandek] Helsinki

Markus Metsälä markus.metsala at helsinki.fi
Mon Nov 21 12:22:26 PST 2005

Quoting BlackMonk <BlackMonk at email.msn.com>:

> That doesn't really fit in with the "Jandek as unstable person who can't
> stand contact with other people" theory. Do you think maybe he's a victim
> of 
> his own image and after every show he wonders "why doesn't anyone talk to
> me? Didn't they like it?" 

Yeah, he really didn't strike me as an unstable person at all. Perhaps a
little shy, but that's all. He listened very attentively to what I said and
seemed genuinely pleased that I had liked the concert. I also told him that
I thought that the piece was quite different to all the Corwood releases
(that I have heard) and also to the shows he did in Glasgow this year. He
just nodded slightly but didn't comment on it.

Anyway, on Sunday he was hanging around the festival venue quite a bit. This
didn't happen on Friday or Saturday, at least as far as I could see. Besides
the film screening I saw him attend a concert in the evening. And he was
talking to people, he and a member of one of the more "famous" (hah!)
Finnish free-folk-drone-psych-whatever groups seemed to be discussing stuff
for a long time (I feel very stupid reporting stuff like this...). And there
is a rumour that an interview was made! I don't know yet if this is true and
what the interview would be for but I hope to find out soon.

Oh, and the festival compilation. It does include a 4 min track (fades out)
of the performance, it's called Sleeping in the Dawn. It's a cd-r (looks
professional, though) and it was made available on Sunday. If somebody wants
to buy a copy I'm sure it will available soon at the festival online shop:



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