[Jandek] And the winner is......?!!?! (JANDEK TOP10 2005)

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 15:01:53 PST 2005

Firstly thanks to the 17 Jandek fans that kindly gave me their top 10.

I used a preferential system based on the order of albums given.

This isn't a DEFINITIVE Top10, as people's tastes seem to change, but as you
can see some titles were way more 'popular'
than others. So, drum roll please.......

  Blue Corpse 15  Six & Six 12  You walk alone 12  Ready for the house
8  Intestellar
discussion 8  Glad to Get away 8  Telegraph Melts 7  Living in a moon
7  Whitebox
Requiem 7  Glasgow Sunday 7
A diverse voting spread: 38 out of a possible 42 albums recieved votes.
Hard-listening titles like the ACapella albums got votes, as did his latest
Those that completely missed out were '
'The Rocks Crumble', 'the end of it all', 'the door behind', and when I took
that train'. But at least there is representation from each decade of the
man's great work.

Thanks to you all!
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