[Jandek] Helsinki

Markus Metsälä markus.metsala at helsinki.fi
Sat Nov 19 17:05:36 PST 2005

He played an upright piano and a Finnish harpist, Iro Haarla, accompanied
him. The music was extremely beautiful, almost un-Jandek like. Certainly no
death-blues, more like music of a person very much at peace with himself,
serene, perhaps. Very relaxed feeling throughout the set. One piece, about
one hour and ten minutes, no vocals. There was a simple theme that persisted
through the whole piece and everything just continued and continued.
Somebody said that his way of playing the piano was a most natural one, and
I think I agree. I did think that there was some real interplay with him and
the harpist at times, but mostly the harp was just there as a background.
And as usual, he did nothing to recognise the audience, might as well been
playing in a deserted bar.

I'm still wondering what to make of it. Certainly a very different type of
set from what I saw in Glasgow. So beautiful it almost hurt. And I only now
realised how thin he really is, sitting on the piano stool. I hope he is not
as sick as the rumours say.


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