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I really dont't see how you got that impression from the Trubee article. It struck me as a unbiased explanation of Jandek's legacy up to that point, far more journalistic than analytical.

SAMUEL_MATHESON at ACDI-CIDA.GC.CA wrote:  Speaking of "Spin", has anyone considered that the original Trubee article
back in '85 might have played a role in Jandek's "reclisiveness" over the
next 20 years? I mean, Trubee approached the interview in a fairly
respectful manner and Jandek really opened up at points, but the subsequent
article portrayed him as something of a troubled flake cranking out atonal
seizure-inducing clang. I wonder if Jandek took one look at the piece and
thought, "Geez, I do one interview and this is what I get? Never again!"
Once bitten, twice shy...


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Also notice Ben Gibbard name dropping Jandek later on. A far better quote
than old Kurt's controversial quip.

Mike Fournier wrote:

I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned the full-page article on
Jandek in this month's issue of Spin. I think David Peisner did a nice job
with it (and not just because I get a full paragraph).
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