Subject: [Jandek] Tonal vs atonal // favorite Jandek moment

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Wed Nov 16 21:26:58 PST 2005

Subject: [Jandek] Tonal vs atonal // favorite Jandek moment
Two more questions:
 1) Any theories as to why Jandek slowly inched towards normal music (in the
late 80s), then "regressed" back into weirdness? Not saying one is better
than the other, everyone is entitled to their favorite records. It's just
strange. Look at 1/2 Japanese. They started out banging on pots and pans
basically, and look what they built up to. Does conventional music scare
Jandek? Does he really not differentiate between any of his albums/styles,
and it's just a coincidence that he had a semi-normal streak?
 2) Favorite Jandek moment on album, whether it's a tone, a lyric, what have
you? I think mine might be the intro riff to "Talk that Talk," even though
Jandek himself probably isn't playing it. It's such a tasty riff. Someone
should tab it.

Answer 1) He lost his more capable 'collaborators' - though he seems to have
capable collaborators these days

Answer 2) 'Give it the name' off 'On the way' - Jandek has soul and sounds
way cooler than Tom Waits or Jon spenser!

fave atonal bit: 'The Lectric end' - still haven't listened to it in one go.
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