[Jandek] Tonal vs atonal // favorite Jandek moment

Allen Rendel arendel at ripco.com
Wed Nov 16 11:07:03 PST 2005

I think my favorite moment is still "Nancy Sings".  I think the words,
melody and vocal delivery are all really pretty.  And while I often find
Jandek beautiful, I don't often find it pretty.

Funniest moment for me is "One Last Chance" from This Narrow Road.  It kinda
sounds like Jandek is trying to be a beat-poet hipster or something and it
just goes on for so long I end up laughing out loud every time I hear it.


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2)  Favorite Jandek moment on album, whether it's a tone, a lyric, what have


maybe "down at the ball park" from Blue Corpse, gorgeous spirit.
Or "the only way you can go" private blues, from On the way


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