[Jandek] Where is it?

Reko Castren reko_castren at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 15 08:26:00 PST 2005


Just got on the mailing list.. and the reason is that Jandek is playing live 
here in Helsinki in about a week from now and I havent heard but a few 
samples of his music. His albums are (surprise surprise) not available here 
in Fiinland so Im just wondering if any of you might know where I could hear 
more sounds from this guy called Jandek. Ive ve been reading alot about the 
music and the man on the net, and have to say Im very interested.. I also 
red his lyrics and thought they were great. Im going to the gig anyway (Alva 
Noto is playing the same night) but would like to get to know a little bit 
more of what to expect. (maybe it's better I didnt, can't really say.. :) So 
please help and send me any web adresses or maybe even mp3:s so I can 
satisfy my curiosity! Thanks!

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