[Jandek] ready for the house: the first edition

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Fri Nov 11 00:08:11 PST 2005

hey fellas. I am aware this "question" probably has come up before.. Might even find the answer on Seth's site.. But I'll ask it here first before trying to find the answer myself.

I am remember when Trubee interviewed J.. J said he pressed a lot of copies of Ready for the House. (he might even said the number.. I don't remember) Later when he released his 2nd, 3rd.. etc. albums.. He pressed less. (otherwise he would have trouble selling those again. I think he said he pressed 300 or 400 of each then)
so when did this first print/press of Ready for the House sell out.. eventually it probably did right..! And I don't think it was ever repressed on vinyl hmm?
Useless question, I know.. but I am just wondering if it was 1984.. or 1988.. or later.. :)
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