[Jandek] Conventional Jandek

Jeremy Frey falcon_156 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 10 08:53:47 PST 2005

There's been some discussion on people's Top 10 Jandek albums.  I'm interested to hear from those who are familiar with most or all of the discography, what do you think are the Top 5 most conventional/traditional-sounding/easy to swallow albums?  I ordered 20 a little while ago, and I randomly picked from each era.  I do gravitate towards the more ear-pleasing/tonal material.  From what I received, I'm thinking "You Walk Alone" is the most conventional-sounding Jandek release that I own.  I still really like the first half of "Lost Cause" too.  It seems to me that 86-92 was his most normal period.

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