[Jandek] Jandek loves Steve? and actual gay people

Amber M begmebitch at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 5 17:51:37 PST 2005

yeah, Jandek is handsome.

>  man on the covers was not the musician, but rather some man that the
>  musician was obsessed with from some past relationship gone sour, and

and then on Somebody in the Snow, in 'Stick With Me':

"Steve, donít leave
Steve, donít make me grieve
Steven, Iíll fall in love with my friend
And when you wanna bargain
Youíll have to forgive my (???)
Please Steve
Think it over, give me another chance
Steve, donít leave
Donít leave me Stevie
Come on, stick with me"

that song made me wonder a bit, but who knows...

>Naive question - what's the difference between faggots and actual gay 
>I honestly don't know.

I think that post meant "faggots" not in the usual re-claimed sense, but to 
poke fun at the unconvincingly-heterosexual artsy types who fit gay 
stereotypes better than most self-identified queers...


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