[Jandek] Jandek as gay favourite/show tunes...

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jandek clearly has the potential for a massive gay fanbase. it's
 probably not going to happen as all of the music nerds, record store
 employees, armchair avant-gardists and indier-than-thou dorks have
 pretty much laid claim to him. plenty of faggots like jandek, but not
 many actual gay people.


 however, i am gay, i had heard of jandek through rumor/innuendo for
 years, but i was first intrigued enough to listen to buy and listen to
 some jandek when i saw the album cover photography. in particular,
 those choice shirtless photos of jandek crouching in his garden or
 against a brick wall (modern dances). i thought that he was a rather
 handsome fellow and had a hard time connecting his physical appearance
 to the music on the record, which had me believing for a while that the
 man on the covers was not the musician, but rather some man that the
 musician was obsessed with from some past relationship gone sour, and
 all he had left was a greasy handful of old fuzzy photos of him, which
 he obsessively used as the covers for his LPs, which were basically
 long exegetical tracts poring over the minutest details of the


 i now know that this, along with most blind speculation about jandek,
 is not true. however, it was the initial 'hook' for me getting into
 jandek, and i haven't looked back since. i think jandek's whole persona
 and bearing are readymade for gay iconography, only no one's picked up
 the scent yet.



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>Jandek as a gay favourite?
>Given most of my alleged fellow community members' evident taste in music, I 
>doubt it.
>And, if he WERE to do show tunes, this is one little fagbear who'd STOP 
>listening. ;)
>Timmybear, aka Tim, who wrote a fan letter to Jandek and included a little 
>ep of my music (which is kinda gay-related (in a homocore/Velvetsy kinda 
>way)- maybe I'll get a letter that will reveal his thoughts on the subject 
>;) )
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