[Jandek] Gay-bashing and other wholesome activities

alec way errora at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 3 20:54:36 PST 2005

showtunes....hmmm. it makes me think of some jandek track's title..."slinky parade" is it i shall check tisue's lyric page.  yes, that's the one. i'm happy that jandek inferred that dusty springfield is bob dylan's mother in "slinky parade."

babblefish altavist translates 
"Ή βαρύ φόρημ' άνθρωπος ευτυχών άφρων" as "Or heavy fo'rim' person of eytyhw'n foams."

On Thu, Nov 3, 2005 at  1:08 PM, Christopher tm wrote:

> On 11/3/05, Miller, Clay C <ccmiller at usd.edu> wrote:
> > Maybe Jandek can become a gay favorite?
> Jandek Does Show Tunes?
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