[Jandek] Gay-bashing and other wholesome activities

Miller, Clay C ccmiller at usd.edu
Thu Nov 3 09:50:51 PST 2005

Those of us who sign up for this list do so to know more about Jandek (dare I say the man, the myth).  We don't do it to listen to people fire back and forth about things like totally unrelated artists' homosexuality or lack thereof.  Plenty of artists are gay or bi, and for many it has nothing to do with their popularity or lack thereof: it's just them.  Some of the indisputable best artists across many genres are homo to the max and proud of it.  This should not be a problem--after all, aren't we fans of individuality here?
I'd like to say that I think the typical Jandek fan has got to be pretty tolerant--I mean, the man's music is an impenetrable fortress of confusion to the average listener.  I don't think we, in general, care who is gay or not or whether anyone on this list is (although it's interesting to see that quite a few are).  If you are a fan of Jandek, I think you already know that the man himself has a very developed (maybe even super-developed) concept of right and wrong.  While his views on gays are certainly in the dark, can you imagine him singing a song with lines over an untuned guitar like: I went outside, some faggot chased me, he probably had herpes, so I went floating down the river to madrid?  I think not.
Can we please keep the discussion to Jandek and the like?  It's kind of disturbing that people's intolerance and ignorance/childish abusive and name-calling e-mails have to bleed through to--of all things--a discussion of an indie outsider musician's work.
Maybe Jandek can become a gay favorite?
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