[Jandek] Live 'bootlegs' and wanky hoaxes

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Thu Nov 3 03:05:43 PST 2005

Because those albums are Sterling Smith at his most real. You get the
human being, not the musician. I understand why people wouldn't care for
them, but that's why they are important albums in his discography. They
are very love/hate albums, but his most personal.

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    "... so [Jandek and his audience are] an easy demographic to
    'insult' as opposed to fans of Nickelback or Eminem or Limp
    who are generally jock retards who got brain-damage from their
    bashing them too much as kids." funny thing is, you just proved
    how easy it is to insult those kids too. "(and I'm not into
    Jandek's A-Capella era either!)." Don't worry, no one really is.
    If you are, you need to take a vacation or get some pills or
    something. I dare anyone to respond to this post and give me one
    solid reason why they truly enjoy the spoken word albums. And
    even then, I'll still be skeptical.


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