[Jandek] Live 'bootlegs'

Phil Harwell paharwell at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 12:59:50 PST 2005

> Don't worry, no one really is. If you are, you need
> to take a vacation or get some pills or something. I
> dare anyone to respond to this post and give me one
> solid reason why they truly enjoy the spoken word
> albums. And even then, I'll still be skeptical.

Well, I do happen to like Put My Dream On This Planet,
mainly because of It's Your House.  But, I'm not
really all that font of This Narrow Road (just goes to
show, I had to look up the title), but it's more
lyrical content than style.  As for Worthless Recluse,
I have no opinion because I don't readily remember the
contents thereof.

That said, I take far too many pills thank you very
much, but I could use a vacation.

As a group of people who are into a very
unconventional artist, why is it so hard to believe
there  are those that who like his least accessible material?


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