[Jandek] ITEM: gay/proud/loud bloke from Village Voice okay with Jandek bootlegs

LiLiPUT1 at aol.com LiLiPUT1 at aol.com
Tue Nov 1 21:32:53 PST 2005

Wow. You dis Adrian Martin on the a_film_by list. And then mere hours later, 
you dis me, the gay, proud, and loud bloke from the Village Voice.

On one level, I'm flattered. Adrian Martin is one of the finest critics on 
the planet. But dude, you know my name. Use it! Don't third person me like you 
did with Martin, especially when you know I'm reading (and we both know you 
know that so don't try to front).

And for whatever it's worth (which may be precious little), I'm 100% in favor 
of bootlegging Jandek live shows. In fact, I gladly accepted a free bootleg 
of his first live show from someone on this list (he can out himself if he 
feels so inclined). So your equattion of gay with sensitive didn't quite work this 

As for Rufus Wainwright, you say "who (sic) 99% of his career exists because 
you know why." Well, we know why YOU think so. So why don't you just come out 
and say it? Go ahead. Call him a faggot. Us faggots (including someone 
EXTREMELY CENTRAL to this list) can handle it.

One more thing. I have the cojones to sign all my missives. You should too, 
tough guy.


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