[Jandek] New Spoken Word Album

Jonathan Lee jplee at cox.net
Tue Nov 1 21:00:07 PST 2005

surely this is a wind-up.

Beverly Posuiy wrote:
> Checked my mail today and found the latest album from Corwood waiting
> in my box: "Dying To Meet You", catalog number 0782. The cover looks
> like it could be from the same roll as "The Beginning" and "On The
> Way": a murky, desaturated picture of what could be his bathroom, with
> what looks like a row of personal hygiene products silhouetted against
> the window (curtains closed) over what may be the toilet. This comes
> hot on the heels of "Khartoum," probably the closest together Corwood
> has ever released two albums, but fans who have gotten used to the
> sound of the last couple of years of Jandek releases are in for a big
> surprise: on the album's nine tracks, there is no bass, guitar, or
> even drum accompaniment. Janky has apparently returned to his infamous
> a capella period, but long-time fans should have little to complain
> about: this is one of the man's most revealing and heart-felt works to
> date. As a taste for those who have not yet received their copies, I
> have uploaded to my webspace the first track, my personal favorite
> song from this album: "I Went Down." It is available, probably only
> for a limited time, at this URL:
> http://www.jamhandy.com/ma/Jandek-I_Went_Down.mp3
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