[Jandek] Live 'bootlegs' and wanky hoaxes

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 01:19:13 PST 2005

If I were an indie act, I'd be rapt that people would to to the extent
to bootleg my gigs. What a fantastic way to create 'time capsules' of
an obscure act in their prime? Alot of the industry nob-slobbers don't
understand how vital live bootlegs are for a band/act, they're like
report cards on strengths/weeknesses of the artists performace! The
industry losers only say those things coz they can't bottle and sell
it, so bugger 'em!

I figger there's alot of hoax emailers that like to stir up Jandek
fans and his 'sensitive bedsit boy/schizophrenic' persona, yer I guess
we're all sensitive, and alot are even gay and proud and loud like
that bloke from the Village Voice, so it's an easy demographic to
'insult' as opposed to fans of Nickelback or Eminem or Limp Bizkit,
who are generally jock retards who got brain-damage from their dad's
bashing them too much as kids.

But fuckit, at least more people are bootlegging someone compelling
and interesting for their work, than say dull -hacky-crap like Rufus
Wainwright who 99% of his career exists because you know why (the
other 1% is split b/w his 'talent' and his dad's fame). At least
people WANT to bootleg and distribute his stuff, as opposed to the
wankers that sent that wanky a-capella shit that sounds like a frucken
bad Jerky Boys ripoff! (and I'm not into Jandek's A-Capella era

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