[Jandek] When I Took That Train: Libretto

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Sun May 29 07:44:32 PDT 2005

I haven't the froggiest idea what possessed me to sit down and bang 
this out, but here you go.  There are maybe 4 or 5 places where I just 
could not figger out what Janks was trying to say, (as?) (indicated?) 
(by?) (this?) (type?) (of?) (notation?).

This is such a darkly sinister luuuuv record.  This is a David Lynch 
movie, with Jandek channeling Barry White for the soundtrack.  It's a 
filthy, nasty, sticky little romp through the beginning of a deep, 
passionate, new romance.  The past trepidations are shed, and the soul 
is laid bare, to be at once caressed or eaten whole.  It seems our hero 
would be happy with either.

Enjoy, Dek-heds.

  - B. Jason Ouellette

The Power of Pure Stupidity
available at bjason.com
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I talked to you today.
It was so nice.
You laughed, sounded happy, in a surprised way.

You got me excited.
Oh, I'm very, very excited.
I'm thinkin' about you.
I'm thinkin' about you.

I know there'll be some changes, you and I.
I gotta see if you can accept my requirements.
I - gotta see if I can adjust myself to meet your requirements, but
I would like to try, definitely.

It seems good to me - I want to (try? ride?) for sure.
Believe me, my body is getting into something I don't quite understand, 
That's good.
It's not bad, definitely not bad.
It's good.

I suppose we could be disappointed.
Obviously, I'm willing to take that chance, and so are you.
I like that about you.

I suppose we remind each other of something, someplace.
I remember the first time.
It's not something you forget.
I guarantee, I'll match that first time
The next time
Which is not too long from now.


Wondering what your enthusiasm is gonna be like
When I see you again.
I got a good feeling about it,
And I'm prepared for whatever results from the next time we get 
And it's not too long away.

I'm gonna see you soon.
We got an appointment.
We got a time set -
I'll be there,
And, I expect, so will you.

We'll be waiting to see how we look to each other
The next time we get together,
But I got a good feeling about it.
I think you do too -
I - really do think that you got a better feeling about it than I do,
But I like that.
I sure do like that.


Well, I'm sorry, but I
Can't stop
Thinking about you.

I guess I'll have to put it in a pocket
And consider that it's there
All the time, and
It'll find me searching for those keys
That open up the image of you.

I know it's got a lot to do with our bodies.
That's fine with me.
I accept your body,
Alongside o' mine.

How else could it be?
How else could it be if you couldn't think that it could be
Anything less than -
I'm next to you.

How much more prominence can you get?
You're in front o' me.
You're next to me.
You're around me.
I'm around you - it...
We're wrapped up in some, time.
Why not keep it going?

I accept you.
You got inside me,
And I like you bein' there, and, uh,
I'll be inside you too, and all of a sudden,
Guess what?
We're in the same place!
Where's the rest o' the world?
I don't know,
I forgot all about it.
I don't care, but
Hey baby!


You look just like I expected you would.
Absolute knock-out, knock-down,
I'm dead -
I'm crawling at the feet of you,
I'm on the floor,
And I like bein' here.
Hello, your feet, hello!
I'm - I'm at your feet!  And
You're havin' a good time, too.

You know, it's only a funny thing that we're doing,
But it tells each other that
Somethin' real is here, and
It's just so nice
To be with you.

O, my beloved.
There's nobody else on my mind,
Just you.
Let's see how it works out.
If there's any time you want to look at the exit door,
Go ahead and do it -
I'm... prepared for all that,
I... I've been around,
But I didn't see you anyplace else,
And I'm so glad that I can see you here now, and
You wanna stay, it's okay.
I want to be close to you.


You were fast
To latch
Onto me.
You made it known,

All you did was ask me,
"Was it okay?"
And you took me for a ride,
And I have not returned to anyplace
I can put my feet on the ground and say
"I'm here,"
Because I'm not here,
I'm there,
Where you are.

Where else would I rather be?
There is nowhere else I'd rather be!
I'm gettin' back there as soon as I can.
Oh... oh, honey.
Oh... ungh... oh...
I know you're...
Want to see me too.
I detected that when I talked to you today.
And, yea, I'm gonna be there,
And guess what -  I got all you want.
Matter o' fact, I got more, and
That's why you like me.
I got so many things,
They just don't have an end.
They keep going
Forever and ever, and
I appreciate you got a mind
That understands.
It keeps going in a spiral, and
You wanna be on that path, and
I got the directions on how to get there.
We will go,
Just stay with me, because
It's not just that place we're going,
It's that I really like you too,
I like you too,
I really do like you,
I just really like you,
I... oh... oh...
I really like you.

When I tell you,
I hope you shake inside.
That's a good sign, honey-darlin',
Cos' if you got the same thing from me
I got for you, then,
We gone a long way together, and
It ain't got an end.
I'm looking for something that doesn't end.
I think you are too.
Be careful,
I may bring you there, and
There's no escape, but
Who wants to escape?
Not me.


We have some time
To set it aside,
And we have set it aside.
We have set aside a time when we're going to be together
And it's not too long from now,
And I just can't wait.

I can't wait to be with you.
I want you on my side.
I want you in front o' me,
On the side o' me,
In back o' me.
I want you all around, and
I promise, I'll be all around you.
I think you're gonna like it, too.

I think I can summon all my powers, and
You'll... can't get away, be - because
You may let me,
'Cos you don't want to get away
You don't know any other place that's better.
There is no other place that's better.
You're in my world, and
You love it, and
I love you, and
What else is there?


You're going to like me again,
I know it.
(I sure hope it.)
But I know you're gonna like me again.
I'll be like...
Putty in your hands.

Even though I can be anything to you,
I'm a rock
That doesn't change.
Somewhere in, you know that.
And that's what you like about me.
I'm a rock
And I'm not gonna change for nobody,
No thing.

Because it's all about God!
It's all about God, and
That's really where I am, but I'm...
Sure leading a physical life here,
And I'm perfectly happy to give it all to you.
Unconditional, unconditional.
I'll be what you want.
I'll accept everything that you are, and...
But I'll ask you to change
According to my standards
And I will change for you, too.
I know you have standards, also.
It's kind of normal and natural-a,
Wouldn't you agree?

Yeah, you would agree, I'm sure, but
I'm gonna see you, and
We're go-ahh - We're gonna work all that out.
That ain't really nothin' to worry about.
I... I hope you're - zhh -
Happy, the next time I see you
As you were the last time I saw you, and
Guess what?
I think you will be so happy.
You won't even remember the last time,
And it won't be important.

You got me in a new way,
Which beats the old way.
Guess what?
It ain't gonna change every single day
We start up,
When we get outta bed,
I'm gonna be stronger, and
You're gonna like me more, but
That's okay, because
I'm gonna like you more, too.


I have decided to
Give you my love-a.

You have it.

I want you to have it.
I want you to have it,
And I know you want it too.
So that means
We're there.
Honey-child, we're there, and
Guess what?
We're happy.
'N not just me,
you're happy, too.
You're so happy.
I can see it in your face.
I can feel it in all the
Emanations from your body, I -
I know it.
You made me know it.

Thank you so much,
Thanks so much.


I think
The goal of life is:
Make a man feel like a god-a.

I know your angel moves-a.

You - -
Fell back-a
Like an injured animal.
I watched
The street we were on-a.
Your angel doesn't die-a.

I set you back, that's all.

Someone has to watch the road-a.

You're gone.
I'm here.
You're here.
And I haven't lost art things.

I got my vision.
That's where I go.
I'm so pleased to meet you.
How did you get here?

You're all around me.
You're not even here!


There's a thing called "me."
I'm inside you, I won't go away.
As a matter of fact,
I will stay.

I've been here
Six million years,
And more that I cannot recall.

I've been through you,
And though me.
I'm everywhere.

What's down today?
Here I am-a!
I'm standing... here,
In a corner of your existence.

Navigate back to the spot,
Because they are all young-a,
And they know nothing.
They don't see,
They mainly smell.
And the CLICK! of a trigger
Would make them smile.

(Dual?  Tool?)
As of the universe,
Don't come near me...
I'm a human being -
Home - - to a soul.

The six million I said
Doesn't go back to the energy -
Direct energy.


Hey, spider!
You've got me in your web.
You know exactly your prey,
And I disappear into you.
It's time to plan my escape.

Because you found me, I must go.
Maybe I'll go to Cincinnati.
Quiet down from this big town!
I also thought of Seattle.
Pensacola, Florida.
But I couldn't move north of the city.

Oh, in the fields and trees.
A meadow garden, and-a
You don't have to mow the lawn.

I want to make a long road
To my house,
And If you die for me,
Your only goal is my door-a.

You can eat the coconuts.
I don't care.
I'll find some things outside.
Just give me chlorophyll and air.

I hope to walk (out?) dark tonight.
Stay in by the (night?)

I don't know what I'm becoming.
I can't see past my eyes, it seems.
But I'll take the green blood,
Turn it red inside of me.

I'll take your hand inside my body.
Reach in your heart.
Take it out for food-a.
Eat my heart out.
Take the rest of me inside of you.


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