[Jandek] Sure Is Lanky, That Hobnail Janky

Collins, Brendan G BCOLLINS at sjmc.org
Thu May 26 08:24:29 PDT 2005

Is Jandek not a well man?  That's a possibility, sure... but I've had
someone suggest that extreme gauntness of stature could signify a
chemical dependence, too.  I'm sure that the man known as Jandek, the
creative mind behind such lyrical images as "She said you had a mouth
so bad the lips were rotting off," "The tent I went to wasn't mine, it
was a cantaloupe's," and "Let me out, please, let me out" couldn't be
a drug abuser.

More likely is the chance that Jandek's been living off the royalties
of those $4 and $8 CDs he's been creating.  He's practically giving
them away.  Doesn't leave much money for Denny's.

However, might it also be slightly possible that Jandek is, in fact,
no longer amongst the living?  That the world is faced with a
Zombie-Jandek, cranking out tunes on a regular basis, not really
knowing what they mean but needing something to do with all that spare
time in the afterlife?  Something to think about...


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