[Jandek] Fun?

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Thu May 26 03:44:04 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher tm <xopher.tm at gmail.com> writes:

 Christopher> What I really want to know, and what's for some reason
 Christopher> important to me is this. Based on the photos of Instal and
 Christopher> reviews and comments I've read, Jandek appeared to be
 Christopher> having a great time at his first ever live gig... On these
 Christopher> two recent performances, no one in attendance has
 Christopher> commented yet - did the Man seem to be enjoying himself
 Christopher> onstage? Was that pleased smirk still there?

Yes, on Sunday he smiled between songs, despite himself.  I wrote:

"He only acknowledged the audience one that I noticed: about halfway
through, between songs, he half smiled at Alex and Richard. People
started cheering the smile. That made him smile more broadly, and then
the audience went totally crazy."

He was definitely enjoying himself on Sunday -- the two songs with
gunplay, for example, and the one about the queen of Sheba, were
delivered with real relish.

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