[Jandek] GATESHEAD Sunday and GLASGOW Monday

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> Fuck no.  We got the most beautiful, orchestrated melodic work he has ever 
> done.  When you hear this record it will change the way you think about 
> Jandek.  For those who arent sure about this guys "genius" status...  Well 
> this for me was all the proof I needed.  He surprised us all.  He changed 
> his style and he improved on his earlier records.  Let me see Brian Wilson 
> or Bob Dylan doing that.

Haven't they done exactly that enough times?

When I read the description of the show, my first thought was that after 
Smile came out last year, Jandek decided to do something more ambitious. Not 
to say there's anything wrong with that, I had the same reaction. (No one's 
going to convince me that someone who writes songs called "License To Kill" 
and "House Of The Rising Sun" isn't affected by outside influences.) 

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