[Jandek] The downfall of our dreams

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Tue May 24 10:52:58 PDT 2005

And here's some of the lyrics from the Sunday show.


There's no way out


We got it too good to walk away from each other
I walked away
You walked away

I was sitting at the barstool
And I gave her my seat

Everybody looks better than me
That's how my life is these days


Every morning when I get up
I want the day to end

Black night fall over me


You hurt me
You hurt me bad
I'm saying (singing?) my last words
I'm sinking low
Allowing echos to be heard
I'm seeing white light all around

You hurt me
You hurt me bad


I got two feet on my left
Two feet on my right
Walkin' me down to the electric chair
All I did was kill my mother, father, brother,
My sister too
Why do I have to die?

Don't you come around me
Ohhhh-eeee whyyyyyy must I die


Let's put it up my mind (?)
Put it on the shelf
It's the same kind of stare
Lookin' up over there
I see your hope breaking down again
Mama, mama
Instead of talking to myself
I should be talking to you


You can eat worms, I don't care
You can be a clown at the fair

You don't exist
But I've gotten used to that

I'll shoot you in the head
I'll blow smoke and walk away

Be my friend, tell me you like me
I know when to kill you,
Dirty rotten skulking beast!

I'll not be beholden at the teeth of a beast


When I was a little boy
I would play with a toy

I went to ??? in the woods

Didn't have nothing I would lack
Jack of trades to pay the rent
Career somehow heaven sent

I got a black hole in the light


The telephone's getting hazy
Molecules are spreading apart
It's a ghost of a telephone
Not ringing now
I maybe don't need the teleophone
It's making a ghost out of me
So disintegrate your molecules


All I had to do was say no
I could have stayed on the edge
I quit, I quit
I can't keep it up
What's the use, nobody cares
I turned my back away

Find a cottage in the rain
Get me fired if you want
What's wrong with me


The Queen of Sheba
Doesn't have nothing on you
Dancing on my necktie
Like it was your tattoo
I'm as soft as a snowman
On a warm afternoon

You can tell me to do that
Just make it known

The Queen of Sheba
Doesn't have nothing on you
You dance on my necktie
Like it was your tattoo


We're in the shadow of the clouds
All there is is brown and blue
And when I think about it all
I can't forget the downfall
And all the pieces of the (place?)
The rain upon my hungry face
I got to go, I got to go
It's just my mind won't let me free

The shock of knowing you are gone
Long term life that I must give
To the downfall of our dreams
Now all I see is brown and blue
In the shadow of the clouds

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a whole pile of shit is coming from the cosmos." - Bela Tarr

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