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mitch king lordinfernus_2001 at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 09:03:19 PDT 2005

     It's funny everyone on the list seems to be
talking about Jandek Mixes lately. About two weeks
ago, right before the first post on this subject, I
too, began compiling my own Jandek mix.  My goal was
to put one song from each album, excluding the live
set, just because I don't have the official product
yet! Of course like some other listers stated it had
to be two discs to fit everything on. In some cases, I
went with the one of the shorter tracks on the albums,
to ensure they would all fit! In the case of some of
the later albums, the shortest songs were at least 6
minutes. I put 20 tracks on each disc, and did not
place them in chronological order. I was surprised
when listening back to the discs(which I have done
obsessively, since completing them),it was very
cohesive and flowed together quite well. I'm sure most
Jandek-philes, like myself are used to hearing the
full albums together in that context. But hearing the
tracks from all albums mashed together,even with some
of the spoken-word songs mingled in, sounds
incredible! I am a delivery driver for DHL, and it
must be strange for people to see me pull up in my big
yellow truck, blasting the histronic tunes of ol'
Janky! I've seen the looks(lol)!! So anyway I
encourage you all to make your own or try mine here's
the list, happy listening:        Disc 1:             
Coming Quiet
You Painted Your Teeth
We're All Through
Rooftop Sunset
May 7 9:15 AM
Pending Doom
It Rang Eleven Times
It's Only You
Ambient Instrument
Frosted Field
Nancy Sings
Point Judith
Remain The Same
The Clothes
They Don't Matter At All
You Sing A Song
Work Of Art

Disc 2:
I Give You Me
I Went Outside
I Found The Right Change
It Seems Forever
It's February
Know Thy Self
Lonesome Company
Quinn Boys
Quinn Boys II
Rather Be Blind
Simple As That
Start The Band
The Real You
The Answer
The Glade
What Else Is There
You Didn't Lie

                              MITCH in Fl.

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