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Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Thu May 19 03:40:58 PDT 2005

How do you feel musically about the post acapella albums excluding Glasgow Sunday?

I Threw You Away
The Humility Of Pain
The Place
The Gone Wait
Shadow Of Leaves
The End Of It All
The Door Behind
A Kingdom He Likes
When I Took That Train

> well challenges are supposed to be hard.
> i do think you're right. 2 cd's might be a better idea.
> i imagine cd one with the first period..(basically the eighties)
> and then cd two with the more recent period, with longer tracks and maybe 
> even a live track.
> l.g.maas at uvt.nl
> ordinarypeoplerecs at hotmail.com
> (if for some reason replying to this e-mail isn't working, or you like being 
> different)

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