[Jandek] A definitive Jandek sampler

Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Sat May 14 19:48:48 PDT 2005

So I'm about to turn 36, I'm unemployed and don't know what I'd like to do 
for a job, so I turn to my Jandek cds and think; make a
definitive Jandek sampler. And so, I did. And after painsakingly combing over 
each album and my choices, here's what I would
choose. I know it won't please everyone though. It's 5 cds long (one being a 
double cd) & I picked at least 2 songs from each
album (3 or 4 from my favorites) on the first 3 volumes, and only one from each album on the 4th volume. 
The titles look like birth & death years. I figure
each cover could have a different shaped head stone with the title on each 


01.Naked In The Afternoon
02.They Told Me About You
03.European Jewel-incomplete
04.Point Judith
05.Delinquent Words
06.Your Condition
07.Don't Know If I Care
09.Down In A Mirror
10.European Jewel
11.Nancy Sings
14.Don't Get Too Upset
15.Sand 1
16.John Plays Drums
17.Centaur Train
18.Message To The Clerk-Part 2
20.I Ain't Got None
21.Ha Ha
22.Wrong Time
23.Voices In The Dark


01.Put It Away
02.River To Madrid
03.Governor Rhodes
04.You Painted Your Teeth
05.Mothers Day Card
07.Didn't Ask Why
08.I Know You Well
09.We're All Through
10.Painted My Teeth
11.12 Minutes Since Feb 32nd
12.I Passed By The Building
13.Your Other Man
14.Only Lover

16.Quinn Boys 2
17.The Way That You Act
18.Give It The Name
19.Ambient Instrument
20.I'm Ready
21.Niagra Blues
22.The Living End
23.Tell Me Who You Are
25.Alehouse Blues
26.Upon The Grandeur
27.Babe I Love You
28.How Many Places
29.God Came Between Us
30.The Electric End (excerpt)


01.You're Not Even Alive
02.Out In The Rain
03.A Real Number
04.Nothing You Lack
06.Rain In Madison
07.Take My Will
08.White Box
09.Evening Sun
10.First Awake Moment
11.Long Long
12.New Town
13.What You Are
14.It's February
15.You Standing There
16.Falling Down Deep
17.The Beginning (excerpt)
18.I Need Your Life (excerpt)
19.I Went Outside
20.One Last Chance (excerpt)
21.Killer Cats In The Caribbean
22.Frosted Field
23.Out Of The Cave
25.Worthless Recluse (excerpt)


01.Blues Turned Black
02.Work Of Art
03.The Answer
04.I See The Open Door
05.I Give You Me
06.They Don't Matter At All
07.The Slow Burn
08.A Windy Time
09.I Talked To You Today

Any long piece that is an excerpt isn't edited, I took a continuous chunk from each one.

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