[Jandek] Instruments

Davidson Roberts soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 16:41:08 PDT 2005

Has anyone ever asked Jandek what equipment he uses? This has always intrigued me. For instance, is he into Fenders or Gibsons or some other brand in particular? Has anyone identified the brand of acoustelectric guitar he used at the Glasgow show? How about that drum set that appears on the covers of the Rocks Crumble, Interstellar Discussion, and New Town? Has anyone else noticed how hilariously wrong he has those drums set up? The floor tom is right under the hi-hat and the snare is way up on the right side like it's a ride cymbal or something. No wonder he could never play a normal beat! But leave it to Jandek to find his own way of playing even something as seemlingly straightfoward as drums. Also, he has an office chair instead of a stool; maybe he couldn't afford the extra cost. 

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