[Jandek] (no subject)

Phil Harwell phil at philharwell.com
Thu Mar 31 18:51:41 PST 2005

that would date at about the same time as the other vacation photos 
("the place", et al.), wouldn't it?  Maybe he went on a big trip through 
several countries in Europe.  I've done something similar (didn't go to 
Ireland, though).  London is a very nice city, by the way.

ROGERS, Glyn wrote:
> The photo on the cover of When I Took That Train is definitely London.
> The building with the columns is the Mansion House.
> This is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London. Not to be
> confused with the London mayor, who is somebody else.
> The buildings in the bachground of the photo are no longer there, the
> replacements dating from 1998.
> This means that, assuming the photo isn't doctored, and I don't believe that
> it is, it is at least seven years old.

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