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The secret ones???

Having read Greil Marcus' review of the sessions (which documents everything) and having listened to countless hours of these (admittedly marvelous, if rough folk and country are your thing) songs, I can only say that every last minute is readily available just about anywhere that sells bootleg music, as well as on-line downloads all over creation.  I happen to like Robbie Robertson's original pick of the litter PRETTY well (some obvious and glaring omissions, particularly among the cover material) and it's not a bad place to start if anyone on the list is curious.

 I do wish (does this sound strange) that they would remaster them. Not to give them studio sheen, but to put the sound quality back at the level of the original 2 X LP set. Maybe Bob is going to do a more comprehensive release?  Who knows.

As for whether or not Corwood knows this music, I'd warn (as others have) of guessing anything about Jandek.  Could be the big J loves 'Empire Burlesque' but can't make it through a sitting of the Basement tapes.  I've known of stranger things. 

list: So how's the new album? Haven't ordered it yet but I'm very curious.  VERY excited about the new cover set. Mountain Goats doing "White Box."  Damn. Going to request it when the Goats play here tomorrow.

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I often listen to the Genuine Basement Tapes of Bob Dylan and the Band.

It's a marvellous work. And a secret one.

I'm sure that Jandek knows perfectly these tapes.

The Jandek's work = Genuine Underground Tapes ?
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