[Jandek] It's here!

Phil Harwell phil at philharwell.com
Tue Mar 22 17:04:55 PST 2005

Ahh, finally got the box o' 40 I ordered (well, 39 actually because "Six 
and Six" is on reorder).  A handwritten note assures me that CD will be 
mailed next week.

So I've now begun the arduous task of listening to this mass of plastic 
discs, of which I'd only heard a fraction before.  And I'm really 
enjoying it thus far.

Anyways, I still got 39 CD's, because "When I Took That Train" is in 
there.  I haven't listened to it yet, though (I'm going in order), but 
I'll comment on the cover though.

It is a very interesting picture indeed.  Mainly because, although it's 
another pic of Jandek, it's a picture of him out in *public.*  He's 
standing at a busy intersection in what looks to be a downtown area of 
some major city.  It's a distance shot, so it's hard to comment on what 
he looks like, except that he's wearing the black hat again, and he is 
clean shaven.  (At least I think so, it is kinda hard to tell....)

It looks like it might've been taken along with the photos from "Threw 
You Away", "The Place", and so on.  It definitely looks like a European 
location, judging from the license plates and such.  I think I spy a 
"London Underground" sign, but it's too far in the distance to say for sure.

Maybe Jandek is entering his "Public Phase?"

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