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>I kind of wish I hadnt said now...  Feel like i've betrayed the good man's 
>trust if he's saying no comment about cd/dvd.
> im just really looking forward to it.
> Moulty, I agree with yr point completely btw - it is very easy to get 
> jandek's address etc on this mailing list.  I dont like it, I really dont. 
> I mean, Jandek started off wanting everything low-key and for the music to 
> speak for itself.  Yet Dave Grohl...  He does interviews, goes to awards 
> ceremonies etc...
> I wonder what proportion of Nirvana / Foo Fighters fans know Dave Grohl's 
> home address???  Whereas with Jandek, its almost common knowledge.  I'd 
> say most people at least know the street he lives on, if not the exact 
> number.
> Does anyone else think this is shit???

It's only shit if someone uses the address. I'd prefer to think that most 
people couldn't care less about his address and have no intention of 
dropping in on him. 

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