[Jandek] Did I miss anything?

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> What's happening in Jandek world?  Did he move his left foot?
> Personally, I'm looking forward to albums #39-42 that will consist soley 
> of
> heavy breathing.

You know, someone who uses the name of one of the Barbarians really doesn't 
have much leeway to criticize anyone's musical efforts. I like them, but no 
one has ever listed competence as one of their virtues.

> Look for the return of a Jandek favorite on the track "Nancy takes out a
> restraining order"
> One thing we can all agree on , everyone here loves Irwin Chusid and the 
> Key
> Of Z book right?

Not really. I wrote a short bit for it that didn't get in, either because of 
space restrictions or because he simply didn't like it.

> Btw...isn't it kind of easy to get Jandek's home address and phone number?

And you know that how? I suspect Nancy isn't the one who should be looking 
into getting a restraining order.

People usually troll in order to get attention. I hope I haven't 
disappointed you. 

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