[Jandek] Re: Six and Six/Staring at the Cellophane

Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Mon Mar 7 05:06:16 PST 2005

I find this interesting as I know of another Jandek fan who hates Living In A Moon So Blue, but really likes Staring At The 
Cellophane. I also felt they were very similar. The only difference I heard was his singing on Moon on some songs is really wild 
like on Professional and because of that, I like Moon better than Cellophane, but feel they are both just o.k. albums. I can't see a 
big difference between these two and find it interesting that others do. But I can hear the differences between Ready For The 
House and Six & Six. House, to me, has more fully realized songs whereas Six & Six, is more looser, and definetly more down, 
than House. Six & Six and Cellophane, for me, don't really have songs that grab my attention as much as House & Moon. 
Everyone seems to love Point Judith, but it doesn't grab me although the guitar in Wild Strawberries I love.

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> Six and six must be really popular.  I have always had a great affinity with 
> this record, especially since I'd been told it sounded exactly the same as 
> Ready for The House, when it is clearly very different in a lot of ways.  I 
> think Jandek sounds an awful lot quieter and sadder on this record, and I 
> really love most of the stuff on it.  You have Six and Six to look forward 
> to, its a real gem.
> Foolishly, I never ordered Interstellar Discussion in my 20 cd set...  Wish I 
> had now.  Havent listened through the whole lot yet, obviously...  I'm really 
> onlylistening at present to "Ready for the House", "Later On", "White Box 
> Requiem" "Somebody in the Snow" and "Follow Your Footsteps".
> The only Jandek record I own which I cant get into at all is "Staring at The 
> Cellophane..."  did anyone else dislike this record?  I found it similar in 
> style to "Living in a Moon So Blue" - one of my favourites - but could not 
> get into it at all.
> See youse later
> "Seated by the ranch Iím owning, staring at the cellophane.  Somebody came in 
> for a question, I poured a glass out in the rain.  The reason I have been 
> accepted, is that I failed to come on strong;  found a chair beside a window, 
> found a place where I belong.  Inside myself there is no question, just the 
> jangle of our brain. Three times four is twenty-seven, only fragments still 
> remain." - jandek, 'first you think your fortune's lovely' ("Ready for the 
> House" LP 1978)
> the rocks crumble, unto dust they die.  once hard stuff of mountains, now 
> soft powder amongst the sand.
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